Behavioral Supports

Positive Behavior Supports Consultation Services are for individuals that exhibit significant challenging behaviors that negatively impact the individual's enjoyment and progress in life.

Behavioral Supports

Using data, we work to understand and resolve challenging behaviors. Challenging behaviors are often the result of individuals trying to communicate a message. The development and implementation of a Positive Behavior Support Plan facilitates the individual growth with an emphasis on individual rights in a person-centered approach.

Diversified Enterprises Positive Behavior Support Services:

  • Referral
  • Functional Assessment
  • Plan Development
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • Review Data
  • Chart and Graph Progress
  • Amend Positive Behavior Support Plan/Safety Crisis Plan as needed
  • Data Collection and Fidelity of Implementation are ESSENTIAL
  • Collaboration with individuals supported, families, and natural supports


One individual started receiving supports upon release from incarceration. Several agencies had denied this person from receiving support. The Diversified Enterprises team accepted the person as just that, a person! After years of positive interventions and supports, the individual is an active participant in the community, employed, and advocating for more individuals to be accepted and funded appropriately to make the same progress they did! We have hope for all people  to live in the community with dignity and respect.

Another individual came out of an institutional setting after years upon years. They now live in an apartment with supports and have been developing relationships with others in the community with kindness and collaboration. The joy of life well lived can be seen every time this person walks by!!!

Positive Behavior Support from Diversified Enterprises can equal people living the life they LOVE!

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