Residential Services

Diversified Enterprises is dedicated to ensuring everyone we work with is afforded opportunities to make decisions that affect their lives. To support this, all service decisions are based on an individual's input and based on their preferred lifestyle.

Supported Living


Customized in-home supports for individuals who reside in their family home or who live independently

Group Homes


24-hour personal support for individuals that share a home with 2-3 others. 

Host Home


Live in a private family home, that allows you to participate in everyday activities of home and family life. 

Supported Living

For individuals who reside either in their family home or who live independently in their own home or apartment, Diversified Enterprises of Tifton, Inc. offers Supported Living services. Supported Living services delivers in-home customized supports and training designed to maximize independence and promote autonomy of adults who require assistance to stay healthy and safe in their own homes. Hours and types of support provided are based on the needs and desires of the individuals and/or their family members. Areas of support might include, but are not limited to, assistance with meals, shopping, personal hygiene, and community involvement.

Diversified Enterprises believes everyone should have the home of their choice that is typical for persons without disabilities (such as apartments, condominiums and houses), the ability to select/hire support staff, and become the leaseholders or owners of their home so that they can control their own living arrangements.


Group Home

Diversified Enterprises of Tifton, Inc. Group Homes provide 24-hour personal support with daily living tasks (medication administration, oversight of all health and wellness needs, household maintenance, cooking, money management, shopping, recreation and socialization, etc.) for adults with developmental disabilities. The focus of all activities are to build confidence, promote growth and provide individuals with the tools they need to support a full and meaningful life.

Group Homes are leased by the agency to provide residential services. Additional service funding is authorized to these homes to provide needed supports. Nursing supports (RN/LPN) are available as needed. Room and board is typically paid by the person supported’s Social Security Income (SSI/SSDI). Each home is licensed and monitored by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities and typically serves 3-4 individuals per home. All bedrooms are individual. Staffing patterns include awake overnight coverage.


Host Home

Diversified Enterprises of Tifton, Inc. offers Host Home Services where individuals supported live in private, family homes - know as Host Homes. People supported thought Diversified Enterprises Host Homes are able to participate in everyday activities of home and family life. They can learn new skills, discover new hobbies, explore their community and even go on vacation-all while receiving the support they need. As the relationships develop in this warm and relaxed environment the host home providers become much more than “care providers”; they are advocates, teachers, friends and family.

The Host Home service begins with a highly personalized matching process that focuses on personal choice. We look at the interest, skills and personalities of individuals and host home providers in order to create meaningful, long-term relationships.


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