Community Supports

Build genuine community connections through 100% community involvement


Community Supports

Diversified Enterprises, Community Supports program is a program without walls (100% community involvement, which provides to/from transportation) founded on a threefold approach to personal development:

  • volunteerism
  • civic engagement
  • recreation

thus, creating a platform for community exploration, skill development, self-discovery as well as building genuine community connections.

The focus of all activities is to build confidence, promote growth and provide individuals with the tools they need to support an independent life-style. With “person centered” philosophy which embodies “quite integration,” persons supported become actively involved members of their communities. We endeavor to provide an atmosphere in which all individuals can express their talents and explore their communities with a minimum of support from trained, professional and caring staff.

Our major focus is to provide opportunities in locations where they naturally occur. This provides a greater opportunity to expose persons supported to their TRUE communities.

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